cropped-cropped-Welcome-page-photo.jpgHello and Welcome to Paths For Change

I’m Sarah Wiltshire an holistic therapist offering alternative therapies, relaxation and mindfulness practices, classes and retreats as ways to better health and happiness. Have a look and see what’s here and if you would to discuss whether I can help and support you, please get in touch.

** Relaxation sessions

Taking time out to relax on a regular basis is essential to help us to re-charge, de-stress and feel more balanced.  True relaxation is often achieved by focusing not only on our physical states, but also on our mental and emotional ones as well.

£24 for 30 minutes – by telephone, Skype, or face to face sessions (plus £12/hour room hire).

** Alternative therapies

  • Journey Therapy – helps to release painful memories that have become embedded in our cells, causing illness and dis-ease. The therapy seeks to re-balance ways of thinking, supporting the move beyond old and limiting beliefs. It allows our cells to release the emotional imprint of challenging life experiences.  Finally, Journey Therapy facilitates an opening into wellness and positive states of being.  For more information, go to Journey Therapy.
  • Quantum Touch – can be done in person or at a distance ‘hands-on’ or ‘off’.  It uses natural energies to re-balance our own energy flow, which may have become blocked through physical ill health, emotional trauma or mental distress. For more information, go to Quantum Touch.
  • Heart Thread – works on the back, neck and shoulders using massage and gentle touch.  In combination with the body’s own inner wisdom, Heart Thread is a simple, direct way to shift long-term patterns held in the body. These patterns form the structure of our lives physically, mentally, and emotionally. Through making these patterns conscious, the energy system opens, releasing constriction in the body and mind.  For more information, go to Heart Thread
  • Circuitry Alignment  is a way of connecting us back to the energy alignment that we had when we were born. It seeks to re-balance the parts of our system that have become out of alignment through challenging life experiences.  In so doing it allows us to feel more connected to ourselves, authentic, stronger and more able to make the choices in our lives that support our essential or natural “self.” . For more information, go to Circuitry Alignment.

£48/hour by telephone, Skype or face to face (plus £12/hour room hire).

** Classes and Retreats

I run regular classes and retreats throughout the year offering alternative approaches in a deep and shared way. To see what’s on, go to Events.

If you would like to find out more about whether what I offer could help and whether I am the right person to work with, you are very welcome to contact me:

Email: sarah@pathsforchange.com

Telephone/text: 07794 112172

Skype: sarah.wiltshire65

My very best wishes, Sarah.