About me

P1000175For many years I have been using holistic therapies, de-stressing techniques, yoga, meditation and affirmations to maintain and improve my own health, and to cope with life’s ups and downs.

I’ve found what works for me, so much so that I can truly say that my life has fallen into place much more than it has ever done before.

I am richly supported and blessed to have the love of family and friends, which makes all the difference.

I am very blessed to live in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, enjoying and sharing with others. This wonderful natural environment also helps to sustain and ground me and to remind me of my humaness.

I live sustainably as possible – mainly getting about by cycling, walking and using public transport. I growing my own veg and fruit.


Peacock on heather - Holehird Spring 14I enjoy photography and gardening. I write poetry and am drafting my first book of fiction.

I aspire to be a folk fiddler and mandolin player, though practising regularly enough to make much progress often alludes me!


I also run Retreats with the following lovely & skilful people:

Lucia BirchLucia Birch: co-facilitator ‘Four Seasons Retreats’

I have been working with Meditation, Music, Creative Writing, Reiki and Holistics to assist natural healing and growth for many years now.

Much of this work has involved both groups of people, and individuals, in recovery from substance abuse, domestic abuse, self abuse, depression, mental health problems, physical and mental disabilities, and the range of everyday stress, anger, grief, confusion etc that we are all familiar with.

I have learned much from life as mother of five children and, so far, grandmother of seven.

I am also fortunate to work alongside my husband, Roy, and several other wonderful practitioners, including Sarah and am looking forward to much more. It seems to me that every workshop, event and encounter with others either as practitioner or participant enhances my understanding and appreciation of life on every level.

Walking among trees and hills, river and shore in all weathers is a great joy for me physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually…and I hope these will increasingly form part of what I share with others as we journey through this amazing life.

Clare WaltersClare Walters: co-facilitator ‘Journey At Home Retreat’

I teach Focussed mindfulness: a deep, direct and non-sectarian practice which leads to a more peaceful perspective on life, relationships and work.

This practice will help you to address your negative thoughts, you fears and your self- judgements not once but continually so that you make lasting changes to the way you approach life. I will support you in your transformation to a more confident, compassionate and congruent self.

Where there is a challenge in your life I will gently guide you to a deep and compassionate understanding of the issue and then to clarity about the change that is needed.

I offer training to individuals who want to deepen their own spiritual practice and to mindfulness guides, therapists and coaches looking to share this profoundly healing work with their clients.

Journey practitioner and Focussed mindfulness guide based in West Yorkshire.

01484 866747 or 07984115927  www.absolute-specialists.co.uk.

You can find out more about my Classes and Retreats here.