Circuitry Alignment

Circuitry Alignment helps our energy to flow more effectively around our systems by re-connecting our current energy pattern back to the one that we had when we were born.  In so doing it also allows us to feel more ourselves and to feel more deeply connected to our place in the world, that is uniquely ours.

Circuitry Alignment 2The Alignment takes place lying down, on a couch or cushions.  Throughout you will be conscious and aware of what is going on – it will feel similar to being in a relaxed, calm state.  This re-connection to our ‘original’ energy pattern is facilitated by me firstly connecting to your current pattern, located at the ‘soul seed’ – the point where the ribs meet at the sternum, and once this has been established this energy is re-connected to its ‘origin’ located above the head.  This combined energy is then re-introduced to the physical body – firstly allowing it to settle around and in the body of its own accord, and then embedding it into the physical body through gently pressing key acupressure points – bringing the energy through by working down the body, and finishing at the feet. Once I feel that the energy has come fully into your body I will disengage from you, to allow a period of time for you to integrate.  I will still be with you in support, sat near you, until you are ready.  It is a deeply honouring process both to experience and facilitate.

Client reviews of Circuitry Alignment

“Circuitry Alignment is the most powerful energy work I have ever come across. I released a lot of emotional baggage and felt completely different afterwards. Sarah has a wonderful energy and held me within a lovely centred space that was very healing. Since the treatment, I’ve found it much easier to simply be and let things go. I am not holding onto so much, so I am feeling lighter”.

“Over the next few days I felt purposeful and clear. I had a new found enthusiasm which was invigorating; things felt right.  At work my colleagues commented on how bright and so full of energy and happy I seemed, such a noticeable change from the previous week.  Weeks later the changes are no longer as acute but I still feel clear headed, decisive and calm about the things I need to do and change in my life.  I certainly feel I have benefited greatly from the treatment, Thank you”. (Eileen)

How many sessions will I need?

You may find that one session is all that you need, or, once you’ve let the session ‘settle’ you may want to have another one after the full integration period which takes at least 21 days.  If you feel that you would like something further we can discuss whether a further Alignment, or another therapy that I work with, would be beneficially.

Does the session need to be done face to face?

It is possible to do Circuitry Alignment by telephone, Skype, or energetically – without any direct contact, though I would suggest if we use this method, that we connect by telephone or Skype first before the session begins, so that we can ‘meet’ and introduce ourselves.  Do get in touch with me to discuss which approach would suit you.

How much will a session cost, and how do I pay?

I normally charge £48 per hour (plus £12 room hire for a face to face session). I would like everyone to be able to access alternative therapies.  So, if what you have read is for you, and you are unable to afford the hourly rate, then please let me know and we can discuss other payment arrangements.

Payments are usually made at the end of each session in cash, cheque, via internet banking transfer or Paypal.  If you need a receipt, that can be arranged.

I have some other questions – how can I find out more?

It is important to me that you find out first whether what I offer is what you are looking for, so do get in contact – by telephone:+44(0)7794 112172, by Skype: sarah.wiltshire65  or by email – click here.