Free How Tos

Below are a range of ‘How Tos’, arranged into themes…If you have a particular issue that you would like me to write about do let me know and I will be happy to put something together.  You can contact me here.

New Beginnings - Catkins‘How to…Start afresh’

Whether it’s the beginning of a new year or period in your life, or perhaps you want something new to happen, starting afresh can be daunting.  If you would like some new thinking and strategies to overcome ‘change inertia’ then these ‘how to’s focus on just that.


How to predict what you actually want

> The art of procrastination

> Necessity is the mother of invention

> How to make a success out of failure


Connecting‘How to…Connect more effectively’

You may feel disconnected in a number of ways: from others, what’s going on in the world and from yourself.  There may be parts of you that wants to connect more effectively but some how you are blocked from doing so.  This collection of articles explores these issues.


> What happens when I start connecting with myself?

> Know that you matter

> Simply experience

‘How to…Be inspired’

Perhaps you are looking for inspiration or just new ways to approach an existing problem. I am constantly inspired by nature, hence many of the images I use around the website.  Here are some more things that work for me:


> Where does inspiration come from?

> Using your imagination for change

> Other people see it differently