Having a Vision…Board

Last year, for the first time, I created a Vision Board.  To give shape to my aspirations for 2014. I found it one of the most useful techniques that I have ever used, to encourage my wishes into being. Some people create separate ones for their work and personal lives; I choose to create one to give a greater sense of the whole.

Whilst I am a visual person, so a vision board is well suited to my way of seeing and making connections, I found that it did more than that:

  • It helped inspire me
  • It gave me a very easy overview of what I was seeking to achieve and how everything fitted together
  • It gave me a sense of satisfaction as each image came true or was well on its way

The vision board for 2015 has been germinating for a few weeks now.  Waiting for one or two last minute things to become clear as the old year rolled out.  It’s much simpler than last year, perhaps because it has fewer areas of activity on it.  Though I think it is almost a Part II from last year, as some of the wishes are carrying through and deepening as they expand into this new year.

Here is my Vision Board. I feel very excited about unveiling it and delighted to be welcoming so much to manifest over this coming year.  As you can see, I’ve left a space for ‘what next’ as more may emerge over the year. As some parts complete, I may replace them with new ones or just stand awhile and just reflect – celebrating what has been achieved, without galloping on into the next thing:

Vision Board

There are other Vision Boards you can have a look at over at Pinterest, click here to see them.

Over to you…will you be using a Vision Board to guide your journey this Year? Do leave a Comment in the box below 🙂


Author: Sarah Wiltshire

Sarah is a holistic therapist, supporting people to better health and happiness. Sarah uses relaxation techniques and holistic therapies: The Journey - a guided inner meditation, and energy balancing therapies - Quantum Touch, Heart Thread and Circuitry Alignment.