Heart Thread

A Heart Thread session focuses on the back, neck and shoulders.  Through massage and gentle touch, done through clothing, these areas are helped to release both physical tension, and emotions associated with past and present challenges.  These are areas of the body that are generally harder for us to release ourselves – especially the upper back, behind the heart, and so being supported to do so can bring benefits that we can’t normally experience.  At the start of the session I will ask you to place your hands over your heart, so that you can also feel connected to yourself and the wisdom that resides within.

As I work with you, your own body’s wisdom communicates ‘truths’, phrases that I speak out loud for you to repeat.  Hearing these spoken aloud allows you to hear key messages from your own inner knowing, which our conscious minds can often by-pass, when we are communicating internally with ourselves.  Hearing and repeating these ‘truths’ encourages you to feel more empowered and in your own self-authority – helping you to respond in new ways towards yourself, others and the world around you.

Client reviews of Heart Thread

“I felt like I was held within a lovely centred space, that was very healing – with my Heart Thread session”.

Do I need to come prepared with a specific issue to work on?

At the beginning of a session I find that it is helpful to set an ‘intention’ – what you would like to focus on – you may know already what you would like to work on, or prefer to let the intention arise quite naturally.  Setting an intention sends a signal that you are ready to work on a specific part of your life, an issue that you would like to move-on from or resolve.

How many sessions will I need?

You may find that one session is all that you need, or, once you’ve let the session ‘settle’ you may want to have another one.  I will leave that up to you or we can discuss what else is arising for you and whether another session of Heart Thread, or another therapy that I work with, would be beneficially.

Do I need to see you in person?

Not necessarily, Heart Thread can be done via telephone or Skype connecting with you by voice and video link, in the case of Skype.  I would suggest that we connect in either of these ways directly before the session begins, so that we can ‘meet’ and introduce ourselves.

How much will a session cost, and how do I pay?

I normally charge £48 per hour (plus £12 room hire for a face to face session). I would like everyone to be able to access alternative therapies.  So, if what you have read is for you, and you are unable to afford the hourly rate, then please let me know and we can discuss other payment arrangements.

Payments are usually made at the end of each session in cash, cheque, via internet banking transfer or Paypal.  If you need a receipt, that can be arranged. 

I have some other questions – how can I find out more?

It is important to me that you find out first whether what I offer is what you are looking for, so do get in contact – by telephone:+44(0)7794 112172, by Skype: sarah.wiltshire65  or by email – click here.