Here to help…

Take what you needReceive the help that you most need, either from me or another source I can suggest. Previous visitors have found the following helpful:

1. Free E-course

Follow a 5 week course on ‘how to feel better about yourself’ and receive lots of support along the way.  You can sign-up here.

2. De-stress with a relaxation session

Taking time out to relax on a regular basis is essential to help us to re-charge, de-stress and feel more balanced.  True relaxation is often achieved by focusing not only on our physical states, but also our mental and emotional ones as well.  If you want to feel more relaxed, then you might like to book a one to one relaxation session (£12 for 30 minutes plus room hire for a face to face session).  To find out more and to book a session you can contact me here.

3.  Just for you

You can also let me know what you most need by getting in touch here.  I will be pleased to make some individual suggestions for you, without any charge.

4. Using affirmations for support and encouragement

Internationally respected counsellor and author Louise L Hay provides some excellent affirmations on a daily basis, which you can access here.

5. Coping with fear

Susan Jeffers wrote a life changing book ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway’ which I have used and can highly recommend.  You can find out more here.