How to choose the right alternative therapy for you

Having decided to have a therapy you may be feeling bewildered by the choice of therapies and therapists out there.  These days there are therapies and therapists available pretty much everywhere, and even if there isn’t anyone practising locally to you, there are many available at a distance – by telephone or by Skype.

Having thought back to my early therapy experiences and also about what’s on offer now, I’ve put together some ideas that might help you to make your choice:

Decide what’s important to you:

  • that the therapy has an official body – like the Society of Homeopaths
  • whether you want to have a therapy that you may already have heard of – such as reiki, reflexology or acupuncture
  • that you’d like to try something that just appeals to you – using crystals, balancing your energy system
  • a therapy that uses your senses – sound healing, colour healing
  • a therapy that uses touch – hands-on healing
  • a therapy that uses a traditional Eastern ‘medical’ approach – shiatsu, tai chi
  • knowing how much the therapy will cost and how many sessions you might need before you start

Do a little research about the therapy or therapies that appeal to you:

  • if you know someone who has had a therapy and found it useful, you may want to follow their recommendation
  • have a look at a therapist’s leaflet or website to find out more about what will be involved
  • ask the therapist for more details, either by telephone or email
  • get a feel for the therapist’s approach – from what they say and what they have written about themselves and their approach

Making the final choice

  • it is your choice, so take your time in deciding, and only commit when you are ready
  • go with your instinct about what feels right
  • after the first session, if it isn’t for you that’s fine – there are plenty more out there

Best wishes in finding the right alternative therapy and therapist for you.


Author: Sarah Wiltshire

Sarah is a holistic therapist, supporting people to better health and happiness. Sarah uses relaxation techniques and holistic therapies: The Journey - a guided inner meditation, and energy balancing therapies - Quantum Touch, Heart Thread and Circuitry Alignment.