How to fill that empty space

There can be all sorts of reasons why we feel an empty space inside – some kind of loss will mostly likely have triggered it – the ending of a relationship, the passing of someone close to us, moving away from somewhere we’ve loved or the end of a job.

These significant people and events in our lives will have fulfilled a need inside us – no wonder we feel empty.  They will have represented something for us – love, security, familiarity. It may seem very hard to change how we feel, you may have already tried, and yet if these feelings of something missing persist, is there something that you can do to fill the void?

Filling the empty space with ourselves

One of the best things I have found for this is to really love ourselves.  This can be hard if we are not used to it, and we may have been taught to focus upon others and not to be ‘self absorbed’.  It may even seem funny to do so, going within can feel unfamiliar, especially when we are used to seeking our connections from outside.

How can I love myself more?

  • The first thing to start with is to connect with your seat of love – yes your very own heart.  See how it feels to bring your focus there, and better still place your right hand over your heart and then your left hand on top and feel how that is.  It’s amazing that in just a few moments we can feel more with ourselves, loving and held.
  • As we focus on our hearts allow that heart energy to expand out to the rest of our bodies, perhaps imagine a ring of energy flowing out in ever expanding circles until it is on the edge of where we end.  Then let it flow a little further so that it if we could see it, it would be a good few inches away from us.
  • Let the heart energy also flow within us – imagine it flowing into our minds, our faces, necks, shoulders and arms, into our upper body and vital organs, our spine and down into our hips, flowing down our legs and through into our ankles, feet and toes.  Again let it expand out above our heads, below our feet and to left and right.
  • Now bring into that heart space a mini-sized you – allow it to sit right inside your heart bathing and basking in all that lovely energy.  As this little you breaths in all this energy ask it what needs in order to feel full up – and let it imagine those things coming in.  Similarly ask the little self what it doesn’t need and let those things flow out of the body on the out breath.  Keep this cycle going – breathing in all that is needed and breathing out all that isn’t.  Check-in again with the little you and see how they’re doing – repeat this process until they feel more fulfilled.  When this feels complete, imagine this little you expanding bit by bit, until this ‘new’ you has expanded right out and merged with the regular size you.
  • taking one of the things that you have most wanted in your life – picture for a moment having it and then write down all the things that you need to do in order to bring it into your life – big and small.  Then over the next while, focusing upon one thing at a time, see if you can bring these into your life for real.

How can I keep this going, it’s hard to do it on my own?

Setting an intention of what you want to bring into your life and setting it down on paper is a way of getting it out of our heads and into the world – seeing it can make it feel more real.  It also sends out a signal of what you want for yourself and allows the energies of the world to pick that intention up and to help you manifest it.

You may also like to do this exercise with someone whom you trust and has your best interests at heart, and can help you affirm what you most want.

Starting within and working your way out – from empty space to magical times

The people and things that are special to us, are so for a reason, and they enrich our lives through their presence.  We are an amazing resource for ourselves as well, and once we can connect in with our wonderful inner resources we need never be empty again.

 You may have had some difficult times and been able to overcome them using your own inner resources – do share with us what you found helped by leaving a comment in the box below.  Thank you.


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