How to make a success out of failure

How much do you create your own life or is it difficult to control what happens?  Today I look at ways that you can make a significant difference to the way that your life turns out.  I believe that it is possible to change what is not working and instead turn on what does. In essence then, there is no failure only feedback about what works and what doesn’t.

Here are some steps that you can take to help you to create the life that you most seek. I’m using them myself now and they are making a real difference:

1.  Bring yourself into balance.  

a)  Check with your body what it needs, such as exercise – especially stretches, regular fresh air, less sugar and starch (wheat and potatoes), more water.  

b)  Tune in to your emotions, what are they telling you about what you need more or less of ?

c)  Gently ask your mind – what would help it to relax, allay its concerns,  if it’s chattering away at you?

d)  Are you having enough time with yourself, just to tune in to your higher self, the infinite wisdom – regular meditation, playing uplifting music and being in nature can all help with this.

2.  Tap into wisdom

There is a part of you that just seems to know what’s right, without any censuring, doubting or questioning – putting your right hand over your heart and your left on top and then breathing into this space will help you to ‘tune you in’.

3.  Ask for guidance

Put a question out about what ever it is that you most need to bring into your life or let go.

4.  Be open

Be willing to open to receiving messages from within yourself and from the infinite wisdom around you – this might show up as observations from others, chance meetings, something you see on television or hear on the radio.  There’s a  good rule of thumb here, which says that if something arises 3 times, take note of it.

5.  Take action

Using these messages – take some action to move yourself forward.

6.  Review

Make a note of what happens and see how your guidance is helping.

7.  Ground

Keep grounding yourself so that you can stay balanced as shifts start to happen.  Useful techniques for grounding are to imagine light coming down from just above your head, all the way through your body and out through your feet and into the ‘ground’, as roots of a tree; to walk on the earth if possible and to bring  nature into your home – either through something alive or by putting up pictures of nature.

What works for you? I would be very interested to know how you get on.  Do drop me a line here or leave a comment below. Thank you.

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