How voting is good for your spiritual practice

Election 15 - Downing StAlready heartedly sick of Election 2015 – then thinking of voting as having anything to do with your spiritual practice is counter-intuitive, right? However, when you participate, make a stand, respond from what’s right, it’s a way of connecting with your authentic self, the essence of spiritual practice.

This General Election is the second in a row, in which there is no foregone conclusion as to which party or coalition of parties will form the next Government.  Especially in marginal seats, of which there are 150, your vote will really count – the Election will be won or lost in just those few constituencies, it’s that tight.

So, what’s all this got to do with your spiritual practice – after all not voting may feel the most positive thing that you can do, especially if you live in a ‘safe’ seat whose incumbent you won’t be voting for? Major events or possibilities of change, are an opportunity for you to evaluate your own values, beliefs and what’s important for the world  – all good for knowing who you are. In election terms, getting close to this means aligning what you believe in, with the policies of parties that match them. Curious to find out – you can take a survey such as the one at Vote for Policies.

Even if voting isn’t your thing, election times throw up a wave of alternative views and ways of acting upon them. Following a spiritual practice is all about regular enquiry within, reflecting upon our responses to external stimuli. Social media, for example, such as Twitter and campaign groups such as 38 Degrees, have all sorts of ideas and ways of responding. Mass communication can of course always be manipulated, but the more of us that consider and have our say, the less it becomes the judgement of the few that counts. Giving a space for new ideas to take hold.

If you are sceptical that any political party can make a difference, there are others ways to solve problems – locally and nationally. Crowd funding, for example, is a way to finance good ideas, where everyone chips in a small amount.

And the final option? You can always vote with your feet. Or perhaps tomorrow morning, sit quietly for a few minutes, welcome in and surround yourself with balancing energies and then send them out across your constituency.  You might be left clearer, if you are not sure whether or in what way to vote. Not knowing what others will choose, you might be surprised by how things turn out – and so the wheel of spiritual practice will turn again. Thanks for reading.

Over to you…what supports your spiritual practice and is grist to the mill of your self discovery? Do reply by sharing in the Comments below. Thank you 🙂




Author: Sarah Wiltshire

Sarah is a holistic therapist, supporting people to better health and happiness. Sarah uses relaxation techniques and holistic therapies: The Journey - a guided inner meditation, and energy balancing therapies - Quantum Touch, Heart Thread and Circuitry Alignment.