Is there a right time to start a healing journey?

If you check in with your body, giving yourself a few minutes to get a sense of how it feels, you may be surprised by how much the physical part of you is a barometer of how you actually feel inside.  If you feel tense, irritable, frustrated then most likely there will be an underlying emotional cause to this.  Learn how to free trapped emotions and you start on your healing journey.

Some science behind how we can heal

Science has found that when we experience a difficult situation, a challenge, it releases a bio-chemistry to help us react to this ‘threat’ – the so called ‘fright, fight or flight’ response.  This is good – when it helps us to escape from something life threatening, but not so good when we don’t have an outlet for this emotional response.  Further more, when this happens emotions can become suppressed and locked away in our cells.

Whilst you might think that that’s fine, after all our cells renew themselves regularly, leaving us free from any emotional baggage, right?  Well it seems not, it appears that reproducing cells can actually pass on the cellular memory of an unreleased emotion. From your own experience you can perhaps think of a situation where a person or an event triggered an emotional response, out of cinque with the situation itself.  Whilst seemingly unconnected it may well be the imprint, an ‘echo’ from the past being tapped into once again.  In such cases what will have happened is that a cellular memory has just been reawakened, and what’s more will keep doing so until it has the opportunity to clear.

Healing with The Journey

In The Journey, Brandon Bays pioneered a way of returning to these memories, exploring the challenge safely, allowing the self of that time to let go, and the present self to leave the past in the past and welcome in a healthier and happy present and future.  Brandon used this work on herself to heal from a football sized tumour, and has gone on with The Journey technique to help countless numbers of people to recover from cancer, relationship traumas, physical aches and pains, grief and loss, chronic fatigue, depression low self-esteem and many others.

Starting a healing Journey

There doesn’t have to be anything mystical about undertaking some healing work, and you certainly don’t have to retreat to a cave in Tibet for the next 10 years, in order to clear out your ‘stuff’ and feel much more free, connected with yourself and engaged with life.  If you are interested in some healing there are a range of holistic or alternative therapies that you might like to try, in How to choose the right alternative therapy for you I outline some of the options open to you.

The Journey is one of the healing modalities that I use.  If you would like to find out more I have a dedicated page on Journey Therapy here or if you have any questions feel free to email me here.


Author: Sarah Wiltshire

Sarah is a holistic therapist, supporting people to better health and happiness. Sarah uses relaxation techniques and holistic therapies: The Journey - a guided inner meditation, and energy balancing therapies - Quantum Touch, Heart Thread and Circuitry Alignment.