Is this you?

I often work with clients who are experiencing stress, anxiety or depression, loss, low self esteem and uncertainty about where to go next with a problem. In other words where the mind has been running on overtime, or feeling stuck and unsure about how to move forward.

The holistic therapies, relaxation and mindfulness techniques that I use, can support you to:

  • Feel less tense
  • Feel calmer emotionally and mentally
  • Feel more centred and certain

And as a result to:

  • Be more physically relaxed
  • Cope more easily with life’s ups and downs
  • Make choices that are right for you

Here are the benefits my clients experience:

Jo jpeg

Jo Rhodes – Homeopath and Mindfulness Practitioner

‘I had a session of Heart Thread Therapy with Sarah at a difficult time when I was caring for a very ill relative. I was exhausted and there were also some family tensions and financial worries as I was unable to work. I was not sure what to expect of the therapy session but it was a powerful back and shoulder massage and also allowed me to speak about some of the problems going on around me. I felt emotionally stronger during and after the session and realised that a lot of the problems around me were out of my control and I needed to put my energies into things that I could do. Afterwards I felt much calmer, clearer and supported and this feeling lasted for several weeks and certainly helped me focus on the positive aspects of what was going on at the time’.  

‘Sarah’s classes are invaluable for anyone wanting to learn a range of meditation and relaxation techniques.  The sessions are suitable for anyone – whether they have previous experience or not.  I particularly enjoyed making time for a regular class and receiving the different techniques we tried’.


Gabriella jpegGabriella Angus

“The most important thing for me was that I knew that I could trust Sarah implicitly. I have been fortunate enough to have worked with Sarah both in a group setting and on a one-to-one basis. My experience of both was joyous. Attending Sarah’s workshop was amazing!  Sarah created a very safe and secure place for me to deepen into my experience and understanding of myself.  She intuitively knows what is needed at all times and was able to help me shift some long term patterns and beliefs that were preventing me from moving forward. This process was gentle and easy. Through her tremendous ability for compassion and empathy I was able to meet all that arose within me, while feeling fully heard and respected by both her and the group.  Sarah’s way of working is gentle and delicate, yet she is able to open doorways to the resolution of deep issues with ease.  I fully recommend Sarah as a facilitator and a guide” .

M  Newcastle ‘I contacted Sarah over skype and had a number of sessions with her.  This was because some Journey therapists take a direct line into feeling the emotion.  Despite trying this method a number of times, I found I wasn’t really getting anywhere.  I wanted a different approach which would find a way in.  Sarah did so with skill and gentleness, opening the way into deeper therapy.’  

Elizabeth‘I first came to see you four years ago and had a Journey after the death of my son, which allowed me to express my thoughts and feelings. It was so different to do something like this and helped enormously. A few years later we met again at your relaxation classes.  In the intervening years I had had cancer, due to the stress of my son’s death, and my second husband had gone into care, due to dementia.  The classes have helped – coming to terms with my position, widowed but not, my husband still there in body. I began to put into practice your techniques of breathing, clearing my mind. I moved into w new place, new beginning, still visiting my husband every week. Your “ teaching ” has so much helped me, on a daily basis. kind, caring, guiding. I am so grateful that we met and hope to continue to follow ” your way; a pathway to change’.

Margaret‘After about 18 months of acute anxiety I joined Sarah’s relaxation class and I began to experience calm and to find ways of coping.  This has continued and been more effective than the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) my doctor had prescribed’.

Janet Gray – ‘It is a number of weeks since I had my Journey with you….I can truly say that I feel healed from the trauma of the past, as you pointed out this has been occurring over time and I know I was led to you for this therapy at the right time for me…I want to thank you from my heart for being there and guiding my journey and facilitating my Self to heal its self.  You are blessed to share this with others’.

Female client‘The Journey worked very well. My mind is clearer and I feel happier.  Now, a few days after my Journey the energy in my left leg has improved’.

Jean – ‘Quantum Touch has worked wonders for my long standing back, knee and hip pain which made walking difficult.  It is as though a light has been shone into those dark corners, cleared out the dust and got rid of the shadows.  I feel as if I have been given a new lease of life!’

Eileen – ‘Over the days since my session I felt purposeful and clear. I had a new found enthusiasm which was invigorating; things felt right.  At work my colleagues commented on how bright and so full of energy and happy I seemed, such a noticeable change from the previous week.  Weeks later the changes are no longer as acute but I still feel clear headed, decisive and calm about the things I need to do and change in my life.  I certainly feel I have benefited greatly from the Circuitry Alignment treatment, thank you’.

I look forward to supporting and working with you & wish you well on your onward path to change.

My very best wishes, Sarah.