Journey Therapy

There are a number of individual ‘Journeys’ that we can use, either as stand alone techniques or in combination, to give you a ‘designer’ Journey – especially tailored for your needs.

The Physical Journey

This Journey focuses upon something that is ‘holding you back’ in your physical self – perhaps you have a long term illness, experience a problem with your joints, an organ, your hearing or sight, or feel tired and run down a lot of the time.  Guided by me, you will journey to that particular part of your body and uncover a memory – the emotional traces of which are still with you.  By adjusting how you reacted to a past event – though we are not seeking to change the past itself – you will be able to bring love and acceptance both for your younger self and to anyone else associated with that memory. You may have experienced a very challenging situation with someone else – we are not condoning someone’s actions, merely seeing the situation in a different light, so that you can leave it in the past and move-on.  You will be surprised by the effect that this can have!

The Emotional Journey

This Journey helps you to work through any emotional challenges that you may currently be experiencing.  This might be grief or loss, frustration and anger about something you feel you have little or no control over, or you may be feeling fearful or unconfident about something in your life.  Guided by me, you will uncover what’s really causing these emotional reactions, and be able to clear what has been holding you back.

The Belief Change Journey

We all hold particular beliefs, ones that have helped us to navigate our way in the world.  Some times these beliefs can actually limit  how we see ourselves, how we are in relationship with others and what we want for ourselves.  This Journey allows us to uncover a belief or series of beliefs that have been shaping our world, so that we can free ourselves and open into new ways of thinking and being.

The Pain Control Journey

This Journey works well if you are experiencing pain, anywhere in yourself – be it physical or emotional, then this Journey could help to dissolve the pain away.  It brings in new healing energy to help transform how your body feels, moves and what it is able to do.

The Phobia Cure Journey

If you have a particular fear or phobia, perhaps one of heights, or insects, or you have always felt claustrophobic in certain situations, then you might find that this Journey is for you.  It allows you to see the fear in a new light.  It will help you to respond to the same situation in a different way, if and when you meet it again in the future.

The Camp Fire Journey

We all experience conflict at some point in our lives – some times we are able to resolve it and at other times it can carry on, maybe for many years.  We may continue to respond to others negatively and feel disempowered, when they respond to us, which in turn can affect our physical and mental health.  This Journey is an opportunity to resolve these conflicts.  Guided by me, you will set-up a ‘camp fire’ in your mind’s eye, which is a place of safety and a place to talk – a place that will allow you to speak openly about how you are feeling about an issue to the person or people associated with it, and for you to ‘hear’ from them.  They won’t be there in ‘real’ life but it is amazing what can be said when you allow your inner wisdom to speak.  Once everyone has had an opportunity to say how they feel and to understand better the impact of their words and actions, it is possible to heal and let the past be the past.  We are not seeking to condone someone else’s actions – and you may have experienced something very challenging in the past – merely to accept and allow ourselves to move-on.  Although you are the only one undertaking this Journey, it can have a profound effect upon not only how you see the other person, but also how they react to you – try it, you will be surprised how effective it can be.

The Life’s Purpose Journey

We can some times feel that there is something lacking in our lives, that we feel unfocused and without a sense of purpose, in our daily lives, or in how we show up in the world.  This Journey helps us to get in touch with our gifts and helps us to set the future in the way that we would like it to be.

The Manifesting Abundance Journey

This Journey is what it says, an opportunity to bring what we really want for ourselves into our lives – that job that will utilise our skills, that relationship that we have been seeking, the riches that we want in health, money and opportunities.  This Journey works by helping us to clear out the blocks that are holding us back, helps us to set intentions for what we want to come into our lives and then helps us to make these real.  The sky’s the limit, what do you want?

Client reviews of Journey Therapy

‘It is a number of weeks since I had my journey with you….I can truly say that I feel healed from the trauma of the past, as you pointed out this has been occurring over time and I know I was led to you for this therapy at the right time for me…I want to thank you from my heart for being there and guiding my journey and facilitating my Self to heal its self.  You are blessed to share this with others’ (Janet Gray).

‘I am so grateful that Sarah gave me her full whole hearted support, whilst I was going through a period of intense fear and uncertainty in my life. During my Journey process she tuned in and gently helped me to face my true emotions and release the root cause of it all. I was left feeling much clearer and calmer, with an inner knowing that all would work out fine. In the days that followed my process, Sarah’s support continued and she took the time to encourage and spur me on. Thank you so much! x’

Do I need to come prepared with a specific issue to work on?

At the beginning of a session I find that it is helpful to set an ‘intention’ – what you would like to focus on – you may know already what you would like to work on, or prefer to let the intention arise quite naturally.  Setting an intention sends a signal that you are ready to work on a specific part of your life, an issue that you would like to move-on from or resolve.

How many sessions will I need?

You may find that one session is all that you need, or, once you’ve let the session ‘settle’ you may want to have another one.  I will leave that up to you or we can discuss what else is arising for you and whether another session of  Journey Therapy, or another therapy that I work with, would be beneficially.

Do I need to see you in person?

Not necessarily, Journey Therapy can be done via telephone or Skype connecting with you by voice,and video link in the case of Skype.  I would suggest that we connect in either of these ways directly before the session begins, so that we can ‘meet’ and introduce ourselves first.

How much will a session cost, and how do I pay?

I normally charge £48 per hour (plus £12 room hire for a face to face session) . I would like everyone to be able to access alternative therapies.  So, if what you have read is for you, and you are unable to afford the hourly rate, then please let me know and we can discuss other payment arrangements.

Payments are usually made at the end of each session in cash, cheque, via internet banking transfer or Paypal.  If you need a receipt, that can be arranged.

I have some other questions – how can I find out more?

It is important to me that you find out first whether what I offer is what you are looking for, so do get in contact – by telephone:+44(0)7794 112172, by Skype: sarah.wiltshire65  or by email – click here.