Letting go of the past

One of the good things about having a present is that when we look back into the past it gives us an opportunity to bring a fresh perspective to the events of yesterday.  

It’s easy to feel dogged by something that didn’t quite work out the way that we would have wished: the ending of a  relationship we were still emotionally committed to, a job that didn’t feel quite so well done or things that we said that now we wish we had expressed more skilfully. It’s very easy to see what went wrong and to beat ourselves up about it, less easy to take the learning from the situation and start round a new track.

Nevertheless, if we can approach the past with a more loving detachment.  A gentle recognition that we responded as we did because we didn’t have the benefit of the hindsight that we do now.  Had less experience of the ‘how to’s’ of life.  Then we can be more open to seeing what we might want to do differently when faced with a similar situation again.

Reflecting for a moment – what has the past to teach you?

Letting go of ‘stuff’ from the past can some times be easier said than done.  If you would like some support, then do get in touch – you can leave a comment in the box below or email us direct here.


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