Maintaining Good Health as you Heal

Maintaining good health as you heal imageWhen you start on a healing journey stuff will inevitably start shifting, making it really important to keep yourself physically, emotionally and mentally healthy in order to give yourself the best support for the healing to work well.  Here are some thoughts to help you along the way, try them out and let me know how you get on.

1.  Finding your mind on over-drive?  As old habits and patterns start to fall away, the conscious mind can often start to cling on to the familiar causing you to feel anxious, worried or even resentful.  This can often be alleviated by physically moving, preferably going out outside for some fresh air or doing some stretches.  The very act of changing where we are sat can help us move away mentally as well, so that we can re-start and see the wood for the trees more easily.

2.  Not enough energy? You will be clearing out a lot of dead cells as toxins, so give your body a boost to help all this move out. You can do this by imagining some healing and vitalising light coming in from the sun (even on a cloudy day) down into your head and circulating through your body.  Be aware that some parts of you may need more or less – get a sense of what’s needed.  

3.  Keep a sense of balance – which can be all well and good, but what about when one of life’s ‘downs’ hits you?  Returning to your centre by putting your right hand over your belly button and left on top and breathing in to this space, can be very effective in bringing yourself back to yourself and also helps with feeling more settled.

4.  Stay connected with yourself – if you feel yourself getting too bogged down in this ‘healing stuff’ or overwhelmed by what to do next, then bring your mind and body together and ground yourself.  In other words bring your  mind down into your body and better still right down into the earth.  Root yourself and feel how you can start feeling much more stable and able to let in a fresh perspective.

5.  Not enough love in your life? Then there is actually plenty inside you.  Connecting with your heart and sending out some of your own self-love, as you breath, can work wonders.  And if you find this hard to do, then start with some forgiveness, really forgive yourself for whatever you are beating yourself up about – no matter how hurtful you have been, angry or ‘bad’ – welcome in forgiveness and let it go.

And finally … pick one thing that you know someone else values you for, and then imagine receiving a gift from them of gratitude for yourself and your life.  Let this touch all parts of you, welcome it in and allow it to warm and value you.

Over to you…What do you find helps you through the inevitable ups and downs of healing? Be lovely to receive your shares in the Comment Box below 🙂


Author: Sarah Wiltshire

Sarah is a holistic therapist, supporting people to better health and happiness. Sarah uses relaxation techniques and holistic therapies: The Journey - a guided inner meditation, and energy balancing therapies - Quantum Touch, Heart Thread and Circuitry Alignment.