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jump-25585_640I’ve been aware recently that some of the people that I have been seeing have really benefited from focusing on moving their energy gently, rather than diving into heavy emotional clearing to get to the other side of where they want to be.

This week it felt good to focus upon our energy – what helps to keep it moving and what we can do to ease away tensions, blockages and dis-ease.

If you take life at it’s simplest energy is what keeps the planet moving and at an individual level we either experience energy flowing well and therefore hardly notice how important it is, or our bodies move less well, and we experience feeling stuck in some way or when energy is most blocked there is a clear dis-ease in our bodies.

So, how can we keep our energy moving and our system flowing well?  Below I look at the 4 levels of our being and suggest simple techniques for bringing relaxation, calmness, intuition and a sense of self back into our lives.

The physical self – one of the simplest exercises I know for releasing off tension, especially around the neck and shoulders is to raise the shoulders up to the ears and then roll them round and down back, a few times.  Then repeating, rolling the shoulders forwards.  Combining this with the breath, breathing in as the shoulders are raised and out as they roll round, also aids a deeper release.

The emotional self: in the Indian system of the chakras there is the idea that there are 7 main energy centres that are spread out between the top of the head and the bottom of the torso.  They can be imagined as spinning discs that lie through the centre of the body. One chakra we can work with if we are feeling churned up sits at the solar plexus (belly button).  To soothe the emotional self just place your hands, one on top the other, over this area and gradual feel a sense of stability and balance returning.

The mental self: I think the mind gets a bad press – in the Western World we’re told that we are too much in our minds, and sure if we are consumed by fear, doubt and worry then that’s going to mean that we running on anxiety.  However, the mind is also wonderfully creative and intuitive so focusing on this can harness a wonderful resource.  The trick to doing this?  First put one had over your forehead and the other behind your head, then with each in breath, breath the body up into the mind and with each out breath, breath the mind down through the body and out into the ‘ground’ below your feet.  By doing this a few times, there is a good chance that you will feel more connected with yourself and able to come up with an answer to something that you have been struggling with.

The Spiritual self: you’ll be relieved to know that I’m not going to suggest that you go find a mountain cave and live there until you reach enlightenment.  However, the truth is, as many people have already written, it is possible for us all to connect with a deep, steady and all loving part of ourselves, that is always there regardless of life’s challenges, and accessing it is easy.  Give this a try – again using the breath, take a few moments to follow the gentle ins and outs of your natural rhythm, and then imagine or get a sense of yourself expanding out,  just a little bit away from your body, letting yourself go further out with each breath, just going as far as you feel comfortable.  Then just rest in this spacious, knowing that you have re-established your place in the World and that within this space all is well.

Best wishes for a lovely week full of energy, light and love – and do let us know how you get on…by leaving a comment in the box below. Thank you.

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