Quantum Touch

Quantum Touch is a healing technique that can be done either in person or at a distance, energetically – where we both feel in a calm, restful place, open to sending and receiving love and healing energy, in a focused way.  It can be done hands-on or away from the body. My role as facilitator is to support your own ability to self-heal, I don’t use my own energy to help you.

Quantum Touch can be effective with a full range of physical issues – for example, back, neck and shoulder pain, stiff joints, muscle strains, physical mis-alignment, and is helpful for any organs that are functioning less well.

Client reviews of Quantum Touch

“Quantum Touch has worked wonders for my long standing back, knee and hip pain which made walking difficult.  It is as though a light has been shone into those dark corners, cleared out the dust and got rid of the shadows.  I feel as if I have been given a new lease of life!” (JS)

“I thought that I had broken my foot and would have to go to hospital.  Sarah did some QT on it and a couple of hours later I was completely pain free” (HS)

Quantum Touch in action  

In the video below, founder of Quantum Touch, Richard Gordon, talks about how Quantum Touch works and demonstrates the technique with someone with chronic back pain.

Do I need to come prepared with a specific issue to work on?

At the beginning of a session I find that it is helpful to set an ‘intention’ – what you would like to focus on – you may know already what you would like to work on, or prefer to let the intention arise quite naturally.  Setting an intention sends a signal that you are ready to work on a specific part of your life, an issue that you would like to move-on from or resolve.

How many sessions will I need?

You may find that one session is all that you need, or, once you’ve let the session ‘settle’ you may want to have another one.  I will leave that up to you or we can discuss what else is arising for you and whether another session of Quantum Touch, or another therapy that I work with, would be beneficially.

Do I need to see you in person?

It is possible to do Quantum Touch by telephone, Skype, or energetically – without any direct contact, though I would suggest if we use this method, that we connect by telephone or Skype first before the session begins, so that we can ‘meet’ and introduce ourselves.  Do get in touch with me to discuss which approach would suit you.

How much will a session cost, and how do I pay?

I normally charge £48 per hour (plus £12 room hire for a face to face session). I would like everyone to be able to access alternative therapies.  So, if what you have read is for you, and you are unable to afford the hourly rate, then please let me know and we can discuss other payment arrangements.

Payments are usually made at the end of each session in cash, cheque, via internet banking transfer or Paypal.  If you need a receipt, that can be arranged.

I have some other questions – how can I find out more?

It is important to me that you find out first whether what I offer is what you are looking for, so do get in contact – by telephone:+44(0)7794 112172, by Skype: sarah.wiltshire65  or by email – click here.