Brandon Bays
Brandon Bays: The Journey founder

25th-26th April: Journey @Home. This retreat will giving participants a unique opportunity to experience the power of the Journey at first hand.  Participants will have access to Brandon Bays’ teachings and learn the life changing Journey techniques – enabling them to clear some of their own issues and to go on to support their friends and family too. Venue details to be confirmed.  More information from Sarah and bookings via The Journeyonce the retreat has been listed.





Far End SR 3
A beautiful participant after her Soul Recognition

30th April – 3rd May: Soul Recognition (SR) – this 4 day event will enable you to re-discover and deepen into your true essence.  Hosted at the beautiful retreat space of our home, the natural environment of the Dales and facilitators will hold and support you to clear years of conditioning, beliefs and emotional trauma and challenges that have kept you from connecting and living from soul.  A truly beautiful retreat.  Contact Sarah for more details and to book.

AUTUMN RETREATS: More retreats to be added.