Using your imagination for change

‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them’ (Albert Einstein).

Like all habits we can get into thinking in the same way.  Though our thoughts may seem to whirr around and chatter at us incessantly, the mind is an incredibly versatile and inspirational tool, and you have it at your disposal all of the time!

If you have a seemingly intractable problem at the moment, here are some ways to spark your imagination in order to bring about a change:

  • Bring your problem to mind
  • Speak out loud what’s been happening
  • Focus on one thing that’s at the core of this problem
  • Close your eyes and just breath for a moment or two
  • Setting aside all that may seem impossible, speak out loud again and without thinking too hard come up with at least 3 things you can do to turn this situation around – and they have to come from something that you can do, not something that you expect from someone else
  • Set yourself one of these solutions to put in to action this coming week and the other two in the next two weeks

How did you get on? What worked or could you do with some more help with your problem? Be great if you could leave a comment in the box below or more privately, email

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