What happens when I start connecting with myself?

Is tWhat Happens When You Start Connecting With Myself'here ever a time when we don’t connect with ourselves?  Strange though it may sound, it could be a lot of the time. When we are in ‘mind’ mode we follow this thought and that thought, what we didn’t do yesterday, what we need to do tomorrow and on and on.  When our minds quieten down, it is easier for our intuition, our gut reaction to be heard and usually that’s where we most need to place our attention.

We all have a knowing that ‘sits’ at a deeper level than the conscious mind.  It’s the place within us that when we are really still – not  distracted by worries, concerns or fears – that is really able to guide us.  When we are not used to connecting with that place, then it can seem unfamiliar to start doing what is actually right for us – when we really start to listen to what we need.

When we follow our intuition we are following what sits well, what just feels good.  Often we are conditioned not put ourselves first, to do what others think that we should, to suppress our truth when faced with the opinions of others.  Listening to ourselves then and following our own guidance, means that our lives will inevitably start to change – we’ll no longer be able to carry on as we have been doing, being the same old person that everyone around us has become used to.

Whilst this can seem disconcerting at first, as we become more used to following our inner knowing, then we have guidance available to us all the time, we don’t need to depend on others and we can often start to feel much better about ourselves.

So, if you are unhappy with your life, unwell or stuck – then one way of turning this around, is simply to start following your own inner wisdom – that little voice, that you will  have heard from time to time, that’s now just dying to tell you how to get started.

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