Where does inspiration come from?

Light bulb with grass by Geckly
Light bulb with grass by Geckly

The simple answer is…from inside you.

It’s that place out of which intuition arises, your gut reaction speaks and you know that you just know.

‘Oh, yeah!’ I hear you say…’only, it’s a rare thing, I don’t experience it very often’.

If that’s the case – 5 tips for connecting with your inspiration to keep it flowing…

 1. Connect with your breath, be still and be silent

2. No need to search – it will find you

3. Trust what comes through

4. Keep connecting with your ‘inner you’

5. Be encouraged

How does inspiration find you? What helps you to connect and to be guided regularly from that place?  Be great if you could leave a comment in the box below or more privately, email sarah@pathsforchange.com.

Image credit: http://mrbailey.deviantart.com/art/Light-bulb-with-grass-138277984 Thank you!

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